Monday, 19 April 2010

Who encouraged you with your art DISCUSSION ....

Who encouraged you with your art?

My ans. to dis is :-

My mom and dad have always encouraged me aaaa aaaaaaaaa lot in my art and its my dad's dream to see me as a famous artist and make him proud.... touchwood, may b sum day ill make his dream come true.... my dad has always bragged bout me, bought me whatever i wanted for my art no matter how expensive n done everything he could.... now i really wish to work hard n fulfill his dream....
Then i got married in 2009 :) .... n my husband is exuallyyyy supporting..... He loves to see me doing my art and being happy in dat, he is soooo proud of me dat i m an artist, n he supports me each n everyway ny1 can think of.... i m soooo happy to have found him.... Now its not only my dad hu wants me to really do well n b happy wid my art, theres even my husband now :) .... now expectationz r sky high.... working n giving it my heart....

i hope i fulfil @least some dreamz sum time :)


Would like to know you answers too :) .... So plz comment below and share with me who encouraged you with your art ????

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  1. very nice to read shilpa...n wish ur dream cum true my all best wishes r with u always..n wish cld lean sumthng frm our both intrest r more n less same...good luck