Wednesday, 28 April 2010

These are "My handmage tags" - for their tutorials follow the links and on youtube.... Thanxz :)

"Sending you hugs" - Tag 2
For its tutorial follow its link on youtube -

Thanxz :)

"Sending you hugs" - Tag 1
For its tutorial follow its link on youtube -
Thanxz :)

Monday, 19 April 2010

Who encouraged you with your art DISCUSSION ....

Who encouraged you with your art?

My ans. to dis is :-

My mom and dad have always encouraged me aaaa aaaaaaaaa lot in my art and its my dad's dream to see me as a famous artist and make him proud.... touchwood, may b sum day ill make his dream come true.... my dad has always bragged bout me, bought me whatever i wanted for my art no matter how expensive n done everything he could.... now i really wish to work hard n fulfill his dream....
Then i got married in 2009 :) .... n my husband is exuallyyyy supporting..... He loves to see me doing my art and being happy in dat, he is soooo proud of me dat i m an artist, n he supports me each n everyway ny1 can think of.... i m soooo happy to have found him.... Now its not only my dad hu wants me to really do well n b happy wid my art, theres even my husband now :) .... now expectationz r sky high.... working n giving it my heart....

i hope i fulfil @least some dreamz sum time :)


Would like to know you answers too :) .... So plz comment below and share with me who encouraged you with your art ????

Sunday, 11 April 2010

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Saturday, 10 April 2010

This is my 'Butterflies card' .... It opens simply but i juz loveeeeeee dis card as its soooo very cute.... I really loved how this one turned out..... :)

This is my 'Stand card' . My stand card looks like this (image 1) when it is standing.... I have even made a blank stand card to show you dat even photographs can be added on the stand card and it can be customised according to whome you want to give this card.... You can even send this card through mal to sum1 as it even closes down (image 4) .... I had fun making dis 1 :)

This is my 'Slider card' .... Now the slider card looks like this (image1) when it is closed.... When you pull out the ribbon attached on its head, it looks like shown in image 2 from the top view,where you can even see the sentiments written over it.... and from the side view it looks like the way its shown in image 3.... Instead of the butterflies image you can see on the blue part, one can even attach a photograph over there of whoever u r giving it to wid your own special sentiments in between .... :) Hope you like it....

Friday, 9 April 2010

Some of the flowers made by me dat i use in my cards and mini albums and scrap-booking and photo frames and etc etc..... :)